Dr. Chitwood graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic with additional studies in SOT (Sacro-occipital Technique), including cranial manipulation and pre-natal adjusting techniques with an emphasis on pediatric cranial work. She's also trained in Thompson Drop-Assisted Technique. The Doctor is pursuing additional training in Functional Medicine and Nutrition, related to gut, brain, immunity and endocrinology and the evaluation of each through blood work and metabolic assessments.


The Doctor has also been trained as a Doula, supporting several births, and is trained in the art of Placenta Encapsulation. She is passionate about the family's right to make informed decisions in the birthing process and about educating parents on their rights in regards to their bodies, babies, and the options available to them.


Dr. Glennia Chitwood is the mother of 2 beautiful young women, one in college and the other has graduated to the school of life and succeeding. She has been wife to a wonderfully supportive husband for more years than she hasn't.


Dr. G spent her younger years raising her 2 daughters while working on her undergraduate studies with a career in massage therapy. She chose massage therapy because it enabled her to work around her studies and her family's needs; she hadn't the slightest notion of how beautifully it would transition her into something she could be so passionate about.


The Doctor enjoys traveling with her husband, family, extended family, and friends, anyplace there is a beach, and attending all of her daughter's Color Guard performances.

Glennia Chitwood, DC

B.Sc. Life Science

D.C - Logan College of Chiropractic University Programs